The Kids' Place Mission Statement

The Kids' Place exists to provide high quality childcare. This includes loving and interactive environments, healthy child development, family support, and preparation for school and life.

A healthy early childhood is the cornerstone for social change.

Our Vision Statement

The Kids’ Place has earned a reputation as a regional leader in Early Childhood Education. We provide excellence in programming for our children and their families, and use our expertise to promote and support family members and other care providers who also strive for excellence. We retain and empower highly qualified staff members who have a strong desire to teach, nurture and care for young children. Members of our Board of Directors become informed advocates for quality early childhood experiences and through exceptional organizational leadership extend our Core Values into the Walla Walla community. We celebrate relationships with alumni families and contributors and actively seek ways to make a positive impact in the Walla Walla Valley. We will continue to live up to our reputation by engaging, listening and responding to each of these community stakeholders.

Our Core Values

  • Resiliency (the capacity which allows a person, group or community to prevent, minimize or overcome the damaging effects of adversity) is essential to a child's ability to succeed.

  • Authentic acceptance of diversity is based on engagement with and understanding of the unique nature of individual people, families, and cultures.

  • Active, genuine partnership between our school and our families is necessary to successfully understand and assist each child's development.

  • An actual culture of safety and trust must be maintained for all members of the Kids' Place community in order to ensure such partnerships, cultural diversity, and the development of resiliency.

Our Curriculum Philosophy